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September 1, 2022

Ultimate Poshmark Sharing Strategy

Auto Posher

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If you’re reading this, you probably already know that sharing is the best way to gain traction on Poshmark. But the two questions that remain up for debate are: what time of day is best, and how long should you wait between shares?

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Before we get too deep into sharing, let’s first talk about oversharing. In order to prevent abuse of the platform, Poshmark has implemented very reasonable limits on the amount an individual can share every day. Although the official limit is 10,000 shares, a seller’s personal limit will depend on their closet size and sharing history, and be at most 8,000 shares. Any more, and sellers put themselves at risk of landing in “share jail”.

Share jail sounds scary, and it is! If you find yourself in share jail, Poshmark will prevent you from sharing, commenting, and liking for 24 hours. Beyond that, there are various urban legends, such as a short-term probation period, or long-term black mark on your account. Although we can’t say for sure, it’s clear that share jail should be avoided at all costs.

Now, of course a human could never share 8,000 times a day, and a bot could. That’s why avoiding share jail is as simple as choosing a safe Poshmark bot. A bot that shares at a moderate pace, respects the daily limit, and generally endeavors to be as human-like as possible, is your best bet to share broadly, but responsibly.

When to share

In terms of the ideal time to share, there are two schools of thought: “peak” hours (morning rush, after lunch, before bed), and waking hours. The first makes sense in a localized context, but because Poshmark ships to the entire United States and its territories (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico), we believe that it’s better to share during waking hours. A slow time for you is likely to be a busy time across the country, so sharing consistently gets you access to a larger customer base.

An important distinction here is waking hours, versus all day. We highly discourage sharing 24/7, as sharing during sleeping hours is an easy way to get flagged by Poshmark.

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What delay to use

Most Poshmark bots require supervision, greatly limiting the time during which you can share. As a result, sellers often choose the shortest delay allowed (usually 1 second), hoping to simply share as much as possible.

While a Poshmark bot could theoretically share even more quickly, there’s one major downside: CAPTCHAs. When sharing impossibly fast, Poshmark will increasingly ask you to complete CAPTCHAs, and your bot cannot continue sharing until they’re solved.

For this reason, we recommend a delay of at least 5 seconds between shares. When your time is limited, your audience is also limited, so duplicate shares are less powerful. Instead of focusing on the total share count, we think it’s more worthwhile to improve the consistency of sharing. By opting for a human-like delay, your Poshmark bot should be able to share without interruption.

An easier way

Although sharing at a steady pace throughout the day guarantees a wider audience and reduced friction with CAPTCHAs, it also comes at the expense of your time! That’s why, with Auto Posher, we’ve endeavored to make this easy. Using your timezone and desired number of shares, we create a personalized sharing schedule that automatically runs every day. All you have to do is click “start”.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this! If you have any comments, don’t hesitate to reach out.