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October 15, 2022

Best Poshmark Bot of 2022 (Unbiased)

Auto Posher

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Let’s be honest, there are a lot of Poshmark bots out there. And that’s because the key to being successful on Poshmark is simple, but time-consuming: sharing.

When you share an item, it jumps to the top of search results and your followers’ feeds, making it more likely to be seen, liked, re-shared, and eventually sold. Therefore, sharing throughout the day is the best way to move inventory, and a Poshmark bot is a common investment made by sellers.

Five robots in a line

Are Poshmark bots allowed?

Poshmark bots are in violation of Poshmark’s community guidelines, but not mentioned in their terms of service. Therefore, use is discouraged, but not prohibited.

In practice, Poshmark has been hands-off about taking action against sellers using bots responsibly. This is because there is a tipping point where automation goes from helping the platform, to hurting it.

If always used in moderation, Poshmark bots would stimulate activity, increasing both buyers’ and sellers’ overall engagement. However, if used irresponsibly, Poshmark bots could diminish the overall experience. For example, excessive sharing could easily overwhelm the feed, making it difficult to discover or surface other listings.

Top four considerations

To guard against harmful sharing practices, Poshmark has implemented two main protections. First, if your sharing patterns are suspicious (e.g., sharing 500 times in 15 minutes), Poshmark will increasingly ask you to complete CAPTCHAs. Second, if your shares exceed a maximum daily limit, Poshmark will place you in “share jail”, preventing you from sharing, commenting, and liking for 24 hours.

With that and our ultimate sharing strategy in mind, we believe the four most important considerations when evaluating a Poshmark Bot are:

  1. Ability to solve CAPTCHAs: In order to share smoothly and consistently, an ideal Poshmark bot should solve CAPTCHAs for you. Unfortunately, this is an advanced feature, and the majority of Poshmark bots instead offer a “CAPTCHA alarm”, which makes a noise when it needs a human to intervene.

  2. Fixed share limit: Similarly, an ideal bot should draw a line between automation and excess, and set a limit on the number of shares per day. Otherwise, the bot will quickly get the seller in trouble with Poshmark.

  3. No supervision necessary: As a bonus, an ideal bot should continue to run without human intervention. If you need to keep your computer on, phone app open, etc., then the times during which you can share are greatly limited.

  4. Reasonable price: And of course, price matters! If a Poshmark bot costs more than the sales it generates, it obviously isn’t worth it. At the time of writing, the median price is $30/month.

Our analysis

To determine the 10 “most popular” Poshmark bots, we looked at the number of Chrome extension users, social media followers, reviews, and more. Here are the top 10 Poshmark bots, evaluated against our criteria above:

Poshmark botSolves CAPTCHAsEnforces limitsRequires no supervisionUnder $30/mo
Auto Posher✅ $25/mo
Closet Assistant❌ Rings alarm✅ $24.99/mo
Closet Betty❌ Rings alarm❌ $29.99/mo
Closet Tools❌ Rings alarm⚠️ Can disable❌ $29.99/mo
ClosetPilot⚠️ Costs extra⚠️ Can disable❌ $29.99/mo
Flyp⚠️ % of profit
Posh Sidekick❌ $34.99/mo
PosherVA✅ $25/mo
Simple Posher❌ Rings alarm✅ $9.99/mo
SuperPosher (now OneShop)❌ $44/mo
Note: any Poshmark bot that does not solve CAPTCHAs inherently requires supervision.

While each option checks at least one box, we believe Auto Posher is the best Poshmark bot of 2022. In addition to sharing safely, Auto Posher also shares independently, allowing sellers to check in as little or often as they’d like. And unlike other Poshmark bots, Auto Posher offers a secondary plan for $15/month, which is perfect for sellers with smaller closets.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this has been helpful! If you have any questions, please contact us.