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Automated actions that activate engagement.

Relist items

Relisting is a great way to give unsold items a second chance. But did you know copies can perform worse than fresh listings? That's why we always create them from scratch.

For Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and eBay
Creates new instead of copying old
Guarantees promotion

Offer to likers

80% of sales are made within one week of a shopper discovering an item, and 50% are made within one day! Capitalize on your shoppers' interest with automated offers to likers.

For Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and eBay
Sends offers within 15 minutes
Allows different offers in parallel

Share to followers/parties

When you share an item, it jumps to the top of search results, making it more likely to be discovered. Therefore, sharing throughout the day is the best way to move inventory.

Automatically pauses overnight
Chooses safe, randomized delays
Detects and avoids share jail

Follow active sellers

Shared items also jump to the top of your followers' feeds, so more followers leads to more likes and re-shares. Automatically follow others, including those who have followed you.

Automatically pauses overnight
Chooses safe, randomized delays
Detects and avoids follow jail

On the move? Now your VA can be, too.

Auto Posher is the only virtual assistant under $25/month that can be accessed from any device, and does not require supervision.

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"After about a day, I did notice a big difference. Not just with engagement, but I was making more sales." - @ohisshe
"To get all that stuff relisted...literally took minutes. [This usually] takes hours of my time." - @amandamilow